How Early is Too Early to Start Wearing Sandals

When the weather starts to turn warmer in mid-March, fashion items we’ve all had stored away for months—light jackets, short skirts, maxi dresses—get to come out and play. But, for many of us, getting to break out out our sandal collection is the real thrill when temperatures starts to rise.

However, as much as you can justify wearing a maxi dress with a sweater on top, sandals are a different story—bust them out too early, and they just look weird, not to mention their ability to make your feet freeze when the sun goes down. But how early is too early?

It’s an issue that women seem to have mixed emotions over. On various message boards debating the topic, opinions are decidedly split. One woman’s thoughts: “A sunny, 60 degree day in March is warm enough for sandals—at least in my book.” Another woman wrote: “Usually when it hits 70 degrees.” Other commenters veered towards the extremes, saying sandals were fine in 50-degree weather while others said that only 80 degree-plus days call for open-toed shoes.

Since no one seems to have offered up a definitive rule on the

The Only Closet Organizing Trick That Works

As much as I admire minimalists, let’s just say I have as much in common with them as I do with an NFL quarterback. Not only do I legitimately enjoy the act of accumulating crap stuff, but I prefer to hang on to that stuff, rarely purging my apartment of anything because, hello, you never know when you might need a thrifted yellow vinyl skirt.

I’m also the first to admit that this never particularly bugged me—even when I occasionally feel like I’m drowning in things, I’m fully immune to the click-bait organizing tips that permeate the web.

It wasn’t until Melanie Charlton Fascitelli—the founder and creative director of New York City-based couture closet design company Clos-ette—casually busted out a closet-culling tip that’s quite literally changed my outlook on purging.

Instead of the hackneyed “have I worn it in a year” nonsense, Fascitelli’s method for deciding what stays and what goes is as follows: She suggests asking yourself “If I were shopping right this second, would I buy this item?” If the answer is no, out it goes.

So, why is this trick more effective than others? For starters, there are plenty of things I own

How to Take Care of Every Kind of Handbag

Louis-Vuitton-bag-2012112005-500x310If you’re going to spend your money on your wardrobe, handbags are a wise investment: They’re less tied to trends than clothes or shoes, aren’t bound by size restrictions (meaning you can pass them on some day), and retain their value over time—well, if you take good care of them, that is.

That’s the tricky part—most of my bags end up with makeup-marked lining, worn-out corners, and rain-damaged exteriors—and while that’s not the end of the world for an everyday bag, someday I’d like to think that I could keep a collection of fancy designer bags in tip-top condition.

Since I’m clearly in need of a little help in that department, I asked Rachel Koffsky, an associate specialist in handbags and accessories at Christie’s auction house for her expertise. Koffsky specializes in big-ticket bags—think $20,000 Birkins and exotic Chanel flap bags—but rest assured her tips apply just as well to your treasured A.P.C. tote or Rag & Bone cross-body.

Read on for her advice for storing handbags so they last (basically) forever; caring for suede, patent leather, and embellishments; and wearing bags in such a way that

How to Clean White Sneakers

One look at the street style and fashion blogger crowd will tell you that white sneakers are having a moment that shows absolutely no sign of ending any time soon. While there’s a lot to love about the trend–comfort, for one, as well as the versatility a simple sneaker can offer a busy girl’s wardrobe–white canvas kicks can get really dirty, really easily. Luckily the solution is simple: Four quick steps to keep them gleaming wear after wear. Here’s how!

1. Spot clean.
Spot cleaning should be done regularly to stop any stains from sinking into the fabric. Buy a stain removal pen and keep it handy for this.

2. Machine wash.
It might feel wrong to toss your white kicks into the washing machine, but it’s actually very effective. Throw your pair of sneakers in with some old towels (to stop the sneakers making a loud banging noise) and set the water to cold. Add in a regular amount of detergent and turn the machine on. Be wary about using bleach as it could weaken the fabric.

3. Dry naturally.
Don’t throw your sneakers in the dryer—this may affect the shape. Instead, set them in a warm, dry place and let them

Why Fashion Insiders Swear By Tailoring Their Jeans

You’ve probably spent your entire adult life searching for that perfect pair of jeans—not too long, not too short, hugs certain body parts in all the right places—but they’re pretty much an enigma for average-sized women. The solution? A tailor.

Most women wouldn’t give a second thought to altering a cocktail dress or a suit jacket, but jeans usually don’t get the same treatment—despite the fact that most of us quite literally live in our denim.

No surprise, celebrities are huge fans of getting their jeans tailored for the perfect fit. Kim Kardashian has spoken about getting her jeans tailored, so has Jennifer Aniston. Quite a few fashion editors also attest to being fans of Forever 21 denim then getting them altered (something that would cost far less than buying a pair of designer jeans).

It’s a styling trick that doesn’t cost much (changing the hem of jeans will run you around $10, while bigger fixes at most tailors will be under $50.) That means—using an inexpensive pair—you could end up with perfect jeans for a quarter of the price of designer denim.

Here, some tips and tricks to keep in mind when buying and tailoring jeans.

1. What to keep in mind when buying

Meet The Only Closet Organizing Tip That Works

We love tried-and-true advice as much as the next girl, but—when it comes to the act of cleaning out your closet—we’re a little fatigued by the same ho-hum tips we’ve heard and time and again.

Namely? The one about getting rid of clothes if you haven’t worn it in a year. It’s not a bad gauge, but it’s also not the most effective. After all, most of us do own things like dressy pieces, sentimental pieces, or items we rarely put on your bodies but that we truly want to hang on to—and we think there’s nothing wrong with that.

Since we’re always on the hunt for newer, more modern tips to make our lives easier, we enlisted closet guru Melanie Charlton Fascitelli to share some of her organizing advice.

However, we didn’t expect to be so floored when Fascitelli—founder and creative director of the New York City-based couture closet design company Clos-ette and author of Shop Your Closet: The Ultimate Guide to Organizing Your Closet in Style—casually busted out a closet-culling tip that has quite literally changed our lives.

Instead of the hackneyed “have I worn it in a year” tool, Fascitelli’s method for deciding what stays and what goes is as follows: She suggests asking yourself  “If I were shopping right this

How to Pose for Pictures and ALWAYS Look Good

Chances are, even the most confident, self-possessed woman has occasionally fallen victim to the scourge known as the unflattering photo. Even if we’re completely satisfied with the way we look in the mirror, a truly bad picture can harness a power so strong that we often find ourselves miserable for days, even if we think we know how to pose for pictures.

The good news is this: Unless you’re being shot by a photographer with professional lighting and sets, odds are you’re not going to look stunning in every shot. Why is this good? Because it means that those dinky iPhone photos, the images of you hastily taken by party photographers at an event, or half-assed street style photos snapped during Fashion Week mean nothing when it comes to how you really look.

After all, a really good picture is less about reality, and more about knowing how to position yourself for the camera. That said—in the interest of never taking a shitty photo again—here’s a quick tutorial on how to pose for pictures, with 10 tricks every girl should know.

1. Use your tongue. 
This is one of best tricks out there—and the weirdest. It might feel strange, but by pressing your tongue on the roof of your mouth while smiling is an effective way to help avoid the dreaded double chin, as it

How to Make Colored Mason Jars in 4 Easy Steps

If you’re anything like us, mason jars are the transformer doll of your home decorating scheme. They’ve probably replaced vases, makeup brush holders, pen tins, table centerpieces, and more. So why not ditch your classic clear glass jars for something a little more fun, and a lot more colorful? Here, we have four easy steps to tint your own mason jars at home.

Before you get started, you will need a mason jar, food coloring, and classic decoupage glue Mod Podge ($6.85 on Amazon.)

1. Take your mason jar and pour a small amount of Mod Podge inside. A large mason jar will require about an inch and a half of Mod Podge.

2. Add in a few drops of food coloring and mix in with the Mod Podge.

3. Use a popsicle stick, plastic knife, or your fingers to smear the solution all over the inside of the jar. Try not to leave any streaks on the glass as this could show up at the end. At this stage the color will look pastel, but as the substance sets it will become opaque and reflect the food coloring’s hue.

4. Turn the jar upside down on a paper plate. Leave it for about an hour until the excess glue and dye

A Complete Guide to Crop Top Etiquette

When Kendall Jenner showed up to church on Easter Sunday wearing white culottes and a criss-cross belly-baring crop top, the universal response was pretty much “is she kidding?”

Twitter started blowing up with people weighing on the model and reality star’s outfit, with one user writing: “I would love to know where Kendall Jenner thinks she’s going to with that crop top because it sure isn’t church.” And another: “Kendall Jenner you have a cute body & all but crop tops are not church appropriate.” And yet another: “Uh uh @kendallJenner you do not go to church dressed like that honey, even if you only do it once a year.”

Jenner isn’t the first person in the public eye to raise a few eyebrows for wearing a crop. “Vanderpump Rules” star Scheana Marie wore a bustier crop top to her wedding earlier this year, drawing plenty of mixed reactions. And there have been more than a few controversial crop top moments in pop culture over the years from Britney Spears—who was blasted for setting a bad example for wearing a teeny top when she was 17 years old in her “Hit Me Baby One More Time” video—to Nicki Minaj who’s made a habit (and a career) of

How to Shop for a Wedding Dress

For some brides-to-be, shopping for a wedding dress can be utterly thrilling, while—for others—it’s an utter nightmare. Regardless of which category you fall into, it is inevitable that you’ll have to shop for a dress. To help make the arduous (and often dramatically overblown) process easier, we’ve compiled 8 wedding dress shopping tips that every bride should know.

1. EAT first.
A grumpy, hangry bride isn’t cute, so make sure you eat before you shop. No time? Bring nuts or fruit with you. It might sound silly, but being cranky can weigh on your patience—and might cause an “ugh” reaction to everything you try on.

2. Do yourself up a little.
While you don’t need to go full-out with beauty when trying on dresses (ahem, foundation stains), it pays to arrive at the store with your toned-down hair and makeup (as opposed to a rolled-out-of-bed topknot and blotchy skin.) It’ll give you a much better picture of how the dress will look when all the moving parts come together. Plus, having a good hair-and-skin day can boost your confidence, likely making you more amenable to looking in the mirror all day long.

3. Shoe structure is key.
Already have the shoes you’re wearing to your wedding? Great, bring ’em

Guide to Discovering the Coolest New Fashion Labels

There are few better feelings than knowing you’re the first of your friends to discover the Next Big Thing–whether it’s a tasty superfood fitness bloggers are going nuts for, a new bar in your neighborhood, an up-and-coming band, or an emerging fashion brand. When it comes to the latter, Rathna Sharad is always that person ahead of the curve. In fact, she’s turned her incredible knack for unearthing cool, niche fashion brands into a business–an online store called Runway2Street.

“I noticed the same pattern unfold time and again with my travels where it was not always easy to buy cool, niche brands I loved online or to send a link to friends who wanted the products I was wearing,” Sharad explained.

That thought–and an enviable eye for fresh design talent, led Sharad to reach out to emerging designers and discover that the niche labels she loved were great when it came to design, but not so great at online business: “I found all of them knew how to make beautiful products but did not have resources or expertise in retail technology, international logistics and creating brand awareness online.”

It was then, one year ago, that Sharad left a job at Microsoft to pursue her vision for Runway2Street: An exclusive, curated marketplace for independent and niche luxury brands.


9 Fashion Choices That Could Get You Fired

Unless you work in an ultra-conservative office, the idea of acceptable workwear has definitely shifted in recent years. Jeans are often allowed, suits aren’t always necessary, and it’s not the end of the world for women to wear open-toed shoes. That said, it’s still work you’re going to every day—not a social outing—and should be treated as such. After all, you’re there for your skills, not your clothes. Even if you work in a freewheeling creative environment or an exceptionally stylish industry or office, there are still certain fashion choices that should be reserved for your OOO time.

Plus—let’s get serious for a sec—when we start a job, most of us will sign a contract that includes the phrase “at-will employment,” which means that technically, your boss can fire you if she or he doesn’t like your outfit choices. Of course, it’s rare that that’ll happen without several notices, but contractually speaking, it is a possibility.

The thing is, for better or worse, our clothes speak volumes about who we are, and they contribute to other people’s perception of our professionalism. Even if you’re a Harvard-educated scientist, odds are colleagues will still take you more seriously in a blouse and a pair of slim pants rather than denim cutoff shorts and

The Genius Way to Pack Your Hat in a Suitcase

Congratulations: You made it through winter, and Memorial Day weekend is just around the corner. We bet your mind is already on that beach getaway you’ve got planned this weekend, so to help get you organized we’re spotlighting one very handy travel tip from one of our favorite DIY and lifestyle sites, A Pair and Spare. It’s all about the no-squish way to pack the one accessory every girl needs for a long weekend in the sun: A hat.

Keep reading for a quick and useful five-step guide to packing your hat in a suitcase—without it getting squished.

Step one: Sort out exactly what you want to pack, and fold all your heavy items at the bottom of your suitcase. This should include shoes, bags, and denim. Try and stack everything evenly to create a flat surface.

Step two: Take a heavy or thick piece of clothing (like a chambray shirt or a sweater) and fold it or roll it tightly.

Step three: Place the piece of clothing inside the crown of your hat to fill the hole completely. If you’ve still got some spare room, try using socks to make sure the hat’s totally stuffed with fabric.

Step four: Place your hat on top of the heavy clothing you already packed and start

How to Buy and Sell a Designer Investment Bag

In my closet, I currently have about 35 bags ranging from barely usable micro-sized vintage finds to everyday totes, but I consider only one a true investment: my baby-pink Chanel Valentine East West flap bag, which I was lucky enough to be gifted as a college graduation present. What I consider a fashion investment, to be clear, is something that’ll hold at least 85 percent (or more) of its value if you choose to resell. Having done my homework by stalking sites like eBay and various other online resources, I know if I decided to sell that bag, I’d be able to get the above percentage.

And it’s not just Chanel holding its value like a champ: At this point, you’ve probably heard the Hermès Birkin is the one bag that financial experts consider a more viable investment than stocks or gold, since its price increases by 14.2 percent each year. But a new Birkin is basically impossible to get and an old one can still cost tens of thousands, which … c’mon.

Still, there are other ways to snag a great investment purchase and make it worth your while. I spoke with Sarah Davis, founder of Fashionphile, one of the largest e-commerce resellers of luxury handbags and accessories to get the

The Easiest Way to Clean Your Engagement Ring

If you recently got engaged, congratulations: You’ve just become the proud owner of a really expensive dirt magnet. (And if you’ve been sporting a rock on your finger for any significant length of time, then you know exactly what I’m referring to.)

Diamonds, while incredibly resilient, are also inexplicably easy to soil—the mere touch of a human hand is all it takes for one to temporarily lose its luster. Throw in several hand-washing sessions a day, and you’re left with enough soap residue to really sap your engagement ring’s shine.

While there’s no shortage of DIY jewelry cleaning tips floating around the Internet, I’m not about to roll the dice with them on one of my most prized (and precious) possessions. Which means that if I want my engagement ring properly cleaned, I have to haul my lazy butt to my jeweler so someone can run the ring through an ultrasonic machine—something I’ve managed to do only twice in nearly three and a half years of marriage.

Just as I was resigned to my perpetually dull diamond, I came across Baublerella’s Bling Brush ($18), a portable jewelry cleaner that requires next to no effort for sparkling results. Simply twist the bottom of the Touche Éclat–like applicator, brush

How to take care jeans

The perfect pair of jeans can be a pretty serious investment—some labels clock in upwards of $200—yet when it comes to taking care of these precious commodities, there seems to be a great deal of mystery. Use the machine, don’t use the machine, wash by hand, don’t ever wash—it can get really, really confusing.

In the interest of prolonging the life of your jeans no matter how much they cost—and helping you get them perfectly broken in—we’ve compiled 12 truly useful tips including how to wash them, when you should wash them, and how to fold like ’em like a pro.

1. Serious denim aficionados know that raw denim (super-stiff jeans with no washes, fading, etc.) can take up to six months to break in and shouldn’t be washed until then. Why? Jeans really do conform to your body, and when you wash them, most of the shape is lost.

2. Most jeans today, however, are treated (pre-washed to achieve a faded look) and don’t need to be broken in. These you can wash more often but only when they’re stained or when they start to sag.

3. Between washes, zap the smell that comes with wear by hanging your jeans in the bathroom before a shower (the steam will freshen them up) or freezing them in a plastic bag

How to Wear the Same Turtleneck to Work for a Week Straight

Turtlenecks have kind of gotten a bad rap for being the wardrobe go-to for dads, creeps, and Trekkies—but dig a little deeper, and you’ll see the high-necked style has proved itself a staple in some of the most interesting style choices in history. From the groovy Marcia Brady–esque turtleneck sweaters of the ’60s and ’70s to Steve Jobs‘s iconic black mock turtleneck to Drake‘s recent notorious (and coveted) gray turtleneck from the “Hotline Bling” video, there’s no denying the versatility and style potential of the turtleneck.

With this in mind, I picked up a gray turtleneck sweater of my own with the goal to wear it as much as possible for the next week. How many ways could I style this winter staple before I got tired of it? The possibilities proved to be endless, as I actually proceeded to wear it to work for a week straight. In fact, it even inspired me to delve deep into my closet for summer favorites that could suddenly be converted to cheeky winter looks with the help of my cozy turtleneck.

Here, five versatile ways to wear a turtleneck that are anything but basic.

I started out with a basic knit gray turtleneck from

A Complete Guide To Black Tie Formal Wear

We’re not sure about you, but when we open our mailboxes and find an invitation to a black tie function, our thoughts immediately turn to what that dress code actually means. To that end, we compiled a guide to black tie formal wear that’ll help you navigate what to wear to a wedding, event, gala, or anything else that calls for black tie attire.

Black-tie formal wear: What it actually means.

Black tie is a dress code for social functions that start after 6 p.m., and basically translates to “this party is fancy and men should wear tuxedos.” While the intricacies of black tie formal wear applies more to men than to women, it’s still important to understand that your attire should definitely be appropriate.

Gown or no gown: Do I have an option?

Apart from white-tie affairs—which aren’t common—black tie is the most formal dress code you’ll probably face when to comes to weddings or galas. For women, it’s customary to wear floor-length gowns, but in this day and age, exceptions can be made.

If you don’t own a gown and don’t particularly want to buy one for a one-off occasion? It’s perfectly acceptable to wear a cocktail dress you already have. However, if you do go this route, just make sure to keep the colors rich (black, jewel tones, chic metallics, brown) so

What Every Single Dress Code Really Means

We’ve all been there—you receive an invitation to an event with a dress code that calls for “creative black tie”, “festive”, or “cocktail attire” for women—and suddenly you’re more confused than if the invitation had said nothing at all. Believe it or not, there are actually specific expectations behind some of the most confusing dress code suggestions.

With that in mind, we’ve decoded some of the most common dress codes. So whether your new job suggests that employees dress in business casual attire, or you receive a wedding invitation that says “black tie optional”, we have you covered so you’ll know exactly what to wear from here on out. Because picking out an outfit should be fun, not stressful.


This is crystal clear for men—wear a tuxedo. It’s a little more complicated for women, who can technically wear anything from a long dress to dressy separates to a formal cocktail dress. The best way to figure out what to wear is to dress according to what you expect the host to wear. Attending a high-end wedding? Then wear a gown. If, on the other hand, you’re going to a work function that calls for black tie, it’s more appropriate

How To Wear High Heels Without Pain

It’s the age old question asked by every shoe-loving woman at one point or another: How to wear high heels without pain. Is it even possible? Are we related to a “grin and bear” mentality for life in the name of looking—and feeling—amazing?  Turns out, a fabulous pair sky-high shoes and pain-free feet aren’t mutually exclusive.

We spoke to podiatry expert Dr. Catherine Moyer, who gave us eight tips for how to continue to wear stylish shoes—without paying the painful price.

1. Make sure you’re wearing the right size shoe.
The number one mistake women make would probably be not having the right shoe size for their foot. Your foot size changes over the years, even as much as one full size, especially after having kids. Have your feet sized once a year, and do it if you’ve never had it done. Have your feet measured when you’re buying shoes, for width and for length as well. A lot of people think they’re a wide or vise versa and they’re not, so definitely do that before you shop.

2. Educate yourself on your own personal foot type.
Know your foot type. In my opinion, a podiatrist would be the best way to know your foot type